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Fake: TCC refuses to pay financial support to military widow

Today we are debunking another Russian fake. A video has been circulating on social media showing an alleged response from the Zhytomyr Military Commissariat to a request from a military widow to receive financial assistance. The fake document states that it is currently impossible to pay the families of fallen soldiers due to insufficient funding.

The authors of fakes and Russian PSYOP tactics are very lazy. Today, we’ll demonstrate this fact with one example.

A video circulating online allegedly shows a response to a request from the Zhytomyr Regional Territorial Centre for Recruitment and Social Support regarding a woman whose husband died. 

The voiceover states: 

“I received another response from the military commissariat. I buried my husband three months ago, but there are no payments due to insufficient funding. I just don’t know what to do about it anymore.”

However, the naked eye can immediately spot that this is yet another Russian fake, riddled with ridiculous mistakes.

For instance:

The word “territorial” should be spelled with one “r” in Ukrainian (територіальний) instead of two, as it should be in Russian;  

The email address provided, [email protected], is wrong; the real email address is [email protected]

The word “Currently” (Наразі) should not be separated by commas;

The specified mobile number, +380989001717, belongs to the Zhytomyr beauty salon “Venice.” The creators of this fake were even too lazy to invent a number;

The surname “Martyshchenko” is spelled with the Russian letter “Ы,” suggesting they were so exhausted by the end that they failed to notice this error. 

And these are just a few of the mistakes noticed in the fake video. There are plenty more, so feel free to point out any additional errors you find in the comments.

This fake video has already been addressed by the Zhytomyr Regional Territorial Centre for Recruitment and Social Support:

“Such a person did not apply to the Zhytomyr Territorial Centre for Recruitment and Social Support for payments. The document in the video does not meet the standards of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” stated Oleksandr Neherey, deputy head of the social payments sector of the Zhytomyr Territorial Centre for Recruitment and Social Support.

He added that Territorial Centres for Recruitment do not deal with the allocation of one-time financial assistance or the actual amount. Territorial Centres for Recruitment and Social Support do not manage budget funds. 

It is suspected that the fake video was created not so much for the Ukrainian audience as for the Russian one. With such materials, they are attempting to show Russians how bad and unfair everything is in Ukraine. And it is unlikely that they will read the Ukrainian-language “document.”

Unfortunately, as is often the case, the video ended up on the Ukrainian segment of the Internet where it was eagerly picked up by gullible users small logo

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