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Is this how artificial intelligence sees Ukraine and reality today?

Today, we are looking at whether the images generated by artificial intelligence on the topic of Ukraine actually demonstrate that this is how it sees the situation in our country.

No, artificial intelligence doesn’t perceive reality in such a manner.

Recently, social media has been widely inundated with images generated by artificial intelligence (AI), depicting scenarios that paint Ukraine in a negative light. These posts claim to offer a glimpse into how AI perceives Ukrainian reality.

But it’s all a fake.


In fact, AI generates these images based on the data it’s been trained on, the user’s queries, and the user’s instructions given to it. 

When provided with a textual description, AI tries to create an appropriate image. 

For instance, request “Polar bears counting money in the Arctic,” and AI easily creates an image corresponding to those parameters. You can check out the results in the comments. 

Understanding these straightforward principles should have stopped people from sharing stories with sensational headlines and AI-generated images. However, it seems emotions often prevail over reason.  

Unfortunately, tracking down the creators of these generated images depicting Ukraine in a negative light isn’t always easy. It’s likely the handiwork of russian-leaning individuals. And the administrators of Ukrainian social media communities like Busk Online or Typical Chernivtsi, whether knowingly or not, play into the hands of the enemy by disseminating such content.

They probably do so in a bid for more shares, likes, and reposts, because it’s the emotional impact of such material that easily touches the heart of so many individuals during these challenging times small logo

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Halyna Dolynna
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