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How Ukrainians congratulated each other on fake daughter’s day

On April 25, social media and various media outlets were buzzing with greetings in celebration of Daughter’s Day. News websites featured articles discussing the history and traditions of this “international holiday”, while users enthusiastically shared personal anecdotes about their daughters. However, it should be noted that there is no universal confirmation of this day being recognized worldwide as an occasion to honor girls. Interestingly, the date of April 25 leads to… Russia

The majority of media resources promoting Daughter’s Day point out that its origins are uncertain. However, two dates are commonly mentioned: World Daughter’s Day on January 12 and International Daughter’s Day on April 25. Interestingly, we also came across a third date, September 24. It should be noted that none of these dates can be considered official, as they aren’t included in the UN list of memorial days and weeks.

All the dates mentioned in the Ukrainian media outlets are unofficial and can be categorized as Indian and russian in origin.

In India, “international” Daughters Day is observed on the fourth Sunday of September, which falls on September 24 this year. Indian sources do not specify the exact year when the holiday was established, but they emphasize that it emerged with the intention of challenging prevailing local perceptions. Within their society, there remains a belief that having a daughter in a family is burdensome and carries a social stigma.

The choice of Sunday as the designated day for celebration is based on the fact that it is a day off, allowing families to spend quality time together. Some other countries have also adopted this particular date.

On the other hand, April 25 is associated with russia. Unlike foreign sources, local sources refer to this day as “international daughter’s day” and assert that it has been observed since 2012.

Our colleagues from the “Bez Brekhni” (No Lies) project have also covered the “russian trail” behind the promotion of April 25 as “international daughter’s day”. They specifically observed that references to this date emerged in 2017 on russian platforms. Surprisingly, a year later, the “celebration of this day” was endorsed by none other than the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Based on our findings, it can be concluded that April 25 is a russian holiday rather than an international one. The only officially recognized day that closely aligns with Daughter’s Day is October 11. In 2011, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution declaring it as the International Day of the Girl Child. This designation aimed to acknowledge the rights of girls and address the unique challenges they face globally.

On a related note, two years ago, we discussed a similar holiday called Son’s Day. However, back then, we also found no evidence supporting its celebration on November 22. The only mention of this date was a fake reference on the russian Wikipedia page, falsely attributing it to the UN small logo

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