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A soldier, fruit and a shop assistant: the story of a video production

We reveal the truth about a video showing a wounded soldier dropping fruit on the street and a shopkeeper running to help him. We prove that the video is in fact a production of the Cypriot company Fabiosa Media, which specialises in such content. The video was shared on social media without any explanation as to who filmed it and why, prompting mixed reactions from users. Many people thought that an unpleasant incident had really happened to the Ukrainian military.

A video is circulating online, purportedly showing a wounded soldier who stumbled, fell and spilled fruit onto the road. The footage captures the scene of some fruit being crushed by a passing car, with the remainder quickly picked up by a passerby. However, a local vendor near the crossing responds compassionately to the situation, generously assembling a bag of fresh fruits and vegetables for the soldier without charge. The incident, as detailed, is said to have occurred in the Obolon District of Kyiv, close to the Dream Town shopping centre. The video link is provided in the comments section.

This is, in fact, a carefully orchestrated production. The video bears the logo of FabiosaMedia, a Cypriot company known for creating similar content across various countries worldwide.

The post says: Obolon demonstrates nobility through its benevolent actions, particularly in assisting wounded military personnel. Our deeds always have a significant impact on lives. Let kindness prevail, and let us help one another!


Their Facebook page features numerous videos showing the same soldier character and others alike. 

A few days ago, the video surfaced on social media without any indication that it was staged. Consequently, hundreds of users treated it as genuine, expressing their outrage in the comments. Some praised the actions of the saleswoman and vowed to locate and thank her, while others criticized the behaviour of the passerby.

Several clues suggest the staged nature of the video, including poor acting, the vendor’s stall obstructing the pedestrian crossing, an unconventional military uniform, and the peculiar shooting angle  small logo

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