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Fake: Ukrainians spend Western funds on nighttime partying

Videos of parties in Kyiv nightclubs are being shared on the English-language segment of Twitter, accompanied by claims that Ukrainians are soliciting funds from the West for military aid but spending them on partying. 8.6 million views!

All of these claims are total nonsense. There’s absolutely no evidence to support the notion that the funds provided by the U.S. and other allies to Ukraine for its war efforts have been spent by Ukrainians on nightlife and partying.

The primary source propagating these narratives is the Twitter account named “Radio Genova”. In recent days alone, this account has shared numerous videos supposedly depicting parties in Kyiv and Lviv. Each video is accompanied by the caption: “Please donate more money. The party must go on!”

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Twitter community, some of these videos have been identified as taking place in Warsaw, while others have been identified as being from Kyiv but recorded in 2021, before the full-scale russian invasion.

However, they were mistaken. Some of the published videos were indeed filmed in the Kyiv restaurant Boho. This is evident from the interior, the inscription that appears in the frame, and the russian music featured in one of the episodes. Additional evidence comes from the posts on the TikTok page @kievnight, which focuses on nightlife in Kyiv. The confusion arose because there is a similarly named establishment in Warsaw.

As for the filming date, it can be argued that some of the videos were recently published, while others were from last year. Nonetheless, they were all recorded during the Great War. However, we haven’t been able to determine the exact filming dates.

According to fact-checkers at Snopes, all the videos in the video collage were sourced from a TikTok account that shares old videos of Kyiv nightlife. The account owner clarifies that nearly all the videos were actually recorded in 2021, prior to the onset of the Great War in Ukraine.

Some other users share the same opinion. Perhaps that’s true, but we don’t find much sense in pursuing it further, as the venue’s website is transparent and shares photos from the May parties. We reached out to the establishment’s manager for a comment but didn’t receive a response.

Irrespective of the filming and publishing dates of these videos, it’s evident that bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in relatively safe cities (if we can describe places under the threat of rocket fire as such) resumed their operations long ago.

Certainly, there are certain restrictions in place, including curfews. This was implemented last summer, or even earlier. But, since March 2023, the situation has improved further, as the curfew has been shortened and now begins at midnight.

According to Serhiy Popko, the head of the Kyiv City Military Administration, this measure “is expected to reduce social tension, boost productivity, and generate new job opportunities”.

As reported by the New York Times, some of the participants view these parties as a form of protest and therapy. Dmitry Vasylkov, one of the organizers, stated, “We were wondering whether to postpone the party. We decided against it. This is precisely what the russians want.”

Nevertheless, there is no evidence to suggest that the funds provided by the U.S. and other allies to support the war effort in Ukraine were spent by Ukrainians on nightlife and partying.

Even during times of war, the economy should continue to function. Each individual determines how they choose to spend their hard-earned money. In any case, almost all of us contribute to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the best of our abilities and judgment, as our lives directly depend on it. However, one cannot allocate 100% of one’s income to this cause. It’s essential to prioritize mental well-being to avoid burning out. Each person has their own approach to achieve this small logo

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