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What is behind the new pseudo-media company "Green Bloc"? Analysis of disinformation and social impact of the page

We are telling about the existence of the pseudo-media company "Green Bloc", which, although it looks like a socio-political project, is actually conducting an information and psychological operation with a negative impact on public opinion in Ukraine. The page posts provocative content and spreads hostile narratives, causing discontent and aggression against the Ukrainian authorities.

Today, we delve into an unusual approach to shaping public opinion, one that treads a fine line between russian propaganda and shady political games. In any case, the operating techniques are very similar to enemy information and psychological operations. So, make yourself comfortable. We’re just about to begin. 


Our readers have alerted us to the existence of a page called the Green Bloc, which, at first glance, appears to be some sort of social and political initiative. They call themselves a media company that purports to “work for the good of the country.” 

This account, however, is a recent creation, having emerged on December 8, 2023. Curiously, they even provided an address: 7 Yevhen Malaniuk Square, Lviv. But upon investigating, the only notable tenants we could find at this location were the Chopin Hotel and the Museum of Miniature Castles. There was no trace of any “bloc” to be found. 

As of now, two active advertisements have been launched on this page, dating back to January 24. These ads revolve around a proposition put forth by Serhiy Leshchenko, an adviser to the Presidential Office, suggesting that “European countries should urgently take measures to force Ukrainian refugees back to Ukraine so that they can contribute to our victory.”

Alarmingly, these adverts were disseminated without the required disclaimer about their funding, reaching up to 30,000 individuals. The expenditure per person ranged from 100 to 200 UAH (the amount is convertible; for reasons unknown, Facebook displays the amount in Sri Lankan rupees).

In total, six advertising posts have been published on the page. The first ad appeared on December 10, a day after the account’s creation. 

The owners of this account have promoted other topics, such as: 

1. Firstly, russian bots are spreading a fake story on social media that “MPs allegedly went on holidays to Europe on board a Ukrainian airline plane that departed from Boryspil airport on the morning of December 19, and in addition, they were taking out some valuables.”

2. In another instance, Oleksandr Novikov, the head of the NACP, was quoted during a telethon as saying that Ukraine is approaching countries with low levels of corruption, asserting that since 2010, their corruption levels have decreased by three-fold!

3. Furthermore, the page shared a video featuring a former prosecutor who deliberately propagated pro-russian narratives. In his speech, he allegedly claimed that “the Armed Forces of Ukraine are losing 30,000 people irretrievably every month.” 

According to Facebook, all these topics are categorized as “social issues, elections or politics.”

And now, we arrive at the most intriguing aspect of this story - the manner in which the content is presented. It’s nothing short of provocative, and this is no mere coincidence. The very purpose of this page is to incite public protest, discontent, and categorical rejection of the Ukrainian authorities, to the point of suggesting that they are worse than putin.

At first glance, the texts unequivocally support the current government, particularly President Zelenskyy. However, they do so in a manner designed to elicit absolute rejection among readers, to outrage them, and to throw them off balance emotionally.

Not only is the subject itself scandalous, but they also fan the flames by emphatically labeling Leshchenko’s idea as “healthy” and referring to Zelenskyy himself as “our leader.”

Or consider this “suicidal” remark: “Weren’t these people ashamed to abandon their country, which did everything to protect them? […] They betrayed their country for their own comfort, depriving the Motherland of taxes and mobilization resources…”

The effectiveness of this approach can be measured by the likes and comments. For instance, one of the latest posts about Leshchenko’s idea has garnered 104 shares and over 2,000 likes, of which 811 expressed anger and nearly 400 were mocking in nature. Moreover, there were about 800 comments, most of them cursing Leshchenko and the authorities. And all this despite the fact that the page has a mere 87 followers.

While most readers were smart enough to realize that Leshchenko’s idea is, in fact, misguided, unfortunately, they lacked the critical thinking to discern that the Green Bloc page is not pro-government at all.

One need not be a genius to guess that this style of presenting information only serves to alienate and create enemies. While the Ukrainian government may indeed face communication challenges, their approach is not nearly as bad as this.

Lest you think that we’ve taken a single post out of context, here are other examples that will demonstrate that the pro-government nature of the page is merely an illusion:

1. The proposal to “increase the military tax from 1.5% of the accrued salary to 3% and even 5%” is depicted as a “very timely” measure “against the background of the gradual decline in financial support for Ukraine due to the cowardice of a number of Western leaders.” Simultaneously, they emphasize that “it’s absolutely clear that both the authorities and the military should be exempt from paying military duty.”

2. The use of the word “cowardice” is emotionally charged (in fact, not only in this post but in all other posts, Ukrainian partners are referred to as nothing but cowards). The emphasis on the notion that “those in power should be exempt from paying military duty” is obviously aimed at provoking absolute rejection of this proposal by Ukrainians (a goal that has been achieved, judging by the comments).

3. “If the West stops giving us weapons, all Ukrainians will fight with shovels.” And this is true. This is the opinion of our entire nation, because for Ukrainians, our great state is more important than our own lives, more important than our sons, husbands, and fathers. We have no right to abandon the task set by our Leader — to reach the borders of 1991.

4. This speculative statement that the state is more important than “the lives of sons, husbands, and fathers” is presented under the guise of “the task set by our Leader.”

 5. “Our army is at the peak of its power, so we have no right to stop now. Ukraine still has great mobilization potential, including at the expense of our citizens who are temporarily staying in the territories of the allied countries.”

6. This thesis aligns dangerously with the kremlin’s narrative of “making war to the last Ukrainian.” However, in reality, Ukraine is striving to prevail over the enemy with the aid of equipment and non-standard approaches to performing tasks, but not at the expense of human lives.

7. “Twelve million pensioners, who do not benefit the economy, are exorbitant budget expenditures. Now the country is facing other challenges, and this is, first and foremost, the survival of our country and nation. And pensions are already a derivative” […] “Pensions can be reduced by a little — by 15-20%. No one will be worse off, but the released funds can be used for the Armed Forces.”

No comment

In total, 21 posts have been published on the page over time. All of them are written in a similar style. We propose to stop here, as you’ve grasped the essence. Whoever is behind this page — enemies or political rivals — is only harming the country and working to divide society. The methods employed in the administration of this page are strikingly similar to the enemy’s information and psychological operations.

In such a situation, it’s best not to interact with such a page at all — because whatever you do (except for complaints), it will benefit its owners small logo

Prepared by Serhiy Odarenko.

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