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A selection of interesting Ukrainian YouTube channels

Today we present you with a list of high-quality and interesting Ukrainian YouTube channels. In total, we have collected almost 20 resources. Some of them may not be very popular today, they don't get huge views, but they create really cool videos and it's worth knowing more about them.

No, that’s not Natalka in the screenshot. Read the text to the end to find out who it is.


List of Ukrainian-language YouTube channels


Three years ago, we published a list of Ukrainian-language YouTube channels to show that there are many videos available and you can watch them 24/7. This topic was so popular that millions of people read the list.

Today, it’s clear that Ukrainian YouTube has taken off, and there’s no need to prove anything to anyone. That’s why we’ve decided to simply share with you our subjective choice of channels that are well known in narrow or maybe not so narrow, circles. This list is not representative, exhaustive, exemplary, or anything else. Just enjoy, as the Owl advises!

We hope that our post will become a platform for you to share your favourite Ukrainian-language channels. Perhaps this will help someone detoxify YouTube from russian influence (for our tips on how to do this, please see). Bookmark it and share it with your friends who still watch enemy-fabricated content.

Finally, we’d like to recommend the Telegram channel of our friends - Ukrainian YouTube - in which we are also somewhat involved. The idea is very simple - the channel publishes links with short descriptions to the most interesting videos from the Ukrainian YouTube segment on a daily basis. May Ukrainian-language content flourish! 

And now, let’s take a look at the channels! 

  1. The most useless channel, 25,000 subscribers (looks like one hundred!).

The creator of the channel, Olia, is “a clout chaser, a parasite, and basically not a very good girl” who creates unique absurd and cheesy content on topics that concern her. As she says herself, the useless channel is a game-changer for Ukrainian YouTube! It’s probably the most absurd thing that exists in our media space. The videos on this channel have no purpose or meaning, so relax, have fun, and enjoy. You’ll have a blast!

  1. Tse Nikhto ne Bude Dyvytys (Nobody will watch this), 88,000 subscribers.

This channel features a lot of interviews with people you love and hate, respect and loathe. According to its creator, Emma Antoniuk, interviews are a specific genre – more a complex conversation than an honour roll. She respects the guests’ right to their own opinions, but only if this opinion is not hateful. “We may have different views, but we have no right to voice stereotypes or ideas that are dangerous to others. That’s why sexism, racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, or Ukrainophobia are not welcome on the channel,” Antoniuk says.

  1. NeApolitychni (NotApoliticals), 26,000 subscribers

This project was created to enable Ukrainians to take a conscious and active part in the life of their country, city, or community. Its authors provide tools for creating personal opinions and conclusions. They don’t want you to be indifferent. On the channel, you’ll find videos about political, economic, and social life in Ukraine and how it’s affected by global phenomena and events.

  1. Khochu Hratysia - Perekhochesh (I wanna play - You’ll get over it), 174,000 subscribers

The channel’s creator, Polina Maiko, had consumed exclusively russian content all her life. Before russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, she thought it was impossible to give up everything and anything that was russian. But when she decided to get rid of it, she quickly found a replacement. Before that, she didn’t know that there was a lot of high-quality Ukrainian content. Polina is originally from Mariupol. She’s very proud of her city and hopes to return to her hometown one day. Until February 24, 2022, she hosted a sex blog, but now she’s harassing the rashists who took over her home.

  1. Kaiju, 7,000 subscribers.

The channel is dedicated to Ukrainian artists: the birth and breakup of bands, the emergence of new musical genres, nostalgia for singers from the 1990s. The channel has already compiled a history of different bands: Akva Vita, Step, The Vyo, Phantom-2, Kurgan & Agregat, Van Gon, Vkhid u zminnomu vzutti, and many others. As a matter of fact, the archive of some of these bands can be found on the channel of the art agency Territoria A. Every Saturday, Kaiju hosts a section that reviews new Ukrainian music from the last week.

  1. Oleg Shturman, 17,000 subscribers.

This is a vlog hosted by a Ukrainian sailor. What are his duties? What’s his everyday life like? Has the ship ever been attacked by pirates? What do sailors do in their free time? Where does the internet come from on a ship at sea? How big is the ship? How much does the captain earn? How do sailors prepare for an accident? And most importantly, how does a sailor feel after returning home after eight months at sea? “I have a dream: to make videos that will bring people positive feelings and inspire them. So join me if you enjoyed it,” Oleg says.

  1. Reddit in Ukrainian: (23.400), (77,000). 

The latest threads, the most incredible facts, the most lascivious secrets, the most terrifying stories extracted from the depths of Reddit (an entertainment and news service with extensive user discussions). This is a relatively new phenomenon on Ukrainian YouTube - the dubbing of stories recounted on this platform. We counted at least ten such channels, and here are two of the highest quality ones: Diariush (Dignity) and Babyne Aloe (Granny’s Aloe). 

  1. fincher kubrykom, 22,700 subscribers.  

This is a channel about films and TV series, where, in addition to news and plot analysis, you can learn about such things as “a cliffhanger”, “neo-noir” or “A24 studio”. In fact, there are quite a few channels on this topic on Ukrainian YouTube. We draw your attention to the heavyweights like Geek Journal and Zahin Kinomaniv (Moviegoer Squad). But, we’d also recommend the lesser-known “Na poshuku hramoty!” (Searching for the diploma!), which, among other things, analyzes russian propaganda in cinema (32,000) and “cultovyk”, where the author Iryna recommends which horror films are worth watching and which are not (22,800).

  1. Stepan Pantera, 3.300 subscribers 

A channel produced by a cosplay punk band from Dnipro. The group creates musical parodies of Ukrainian songs in the style of Western punk rock. The goal of the project is to make Ukrainians appreciate and enjoy Ukrainian songs by giving them a fresh sound. All parodies and medleys are humorous. Stepan Giga based on the Ramones, Tartak with Maneskin sounds, VV in the style of Nirvana. Listen to all of them on the channel. 

  1. Farid Govoryt (Farid Speaks), 196,000 subscribers 

On his channel, the host, Fakhrudin Sharafmal, talks mostly about history: the 9/11 terrorist attack, intelligence services of different countries, the most famous gangs in the world, how Ukrainian drones that destroy the occupiers appeared on the scene, etc. He also reviews news, conspiracy theories and the dumbest trash from the Ukrainian information space. 

  1. naukovy krytyk (science critic), 2,000 subscribers 

“The future deserves to be wonderful” is the slogan of the channel. Its host, science critic Arseniy Barzelovych, reflects on a variety of scientific challenges: are there any questions that defy science? He also offers a few videos with “answers to questions that no one knows the answer to”. Arseniy will tell you how to pray. He’ll also tell you what’s wrong with the scientific method on the internet and why we discuss science incorrectly. At first glance, the host seems very foreboding. But don’t be afraid – he’s just kidding.

  1. Po Toi Bik [D I I s N o S t I] (Behind the [R e A l I t Y]), 992 subscribers 

This is a channel about what lies behind seemingly ordinary things. The author and host Yuliia Senisko exposes falsified constructions and analyzes real facts… real, but little known facts. Her goal is to popularize the history of Ukraine, debunk centuries-old myths, and reveal the backstage of the world. “As long as the russians keep falsifying the truth, we will continue to debunk that myth and stand on the side of real facts, shocking discoveries, and unravel millennial secrets,” Yuliia explains her idea. 

  1. Janovska | Heohrafichny (Geographic), 13,000 subscribers 

Geography is too important to be left to geographers . This is more or less the channel’s slogan. Its host, Valeriia, talks mainly about geography - countries, people, nature - whatever interests her the most. Her goal is to make the world more comprehensible for everyone. 

  1. Shukaiu Zhytlo (Looking for Housing), 88,000 subscribers 

The host, Serhiy Nahorny, searches for housing in Kyiv or the suburbs, visits various new buildings and residential complexes in order to find the most suitable accommodation for himself. He shares his impressions of what he’s seen. Perhaps this channel will help you find an apartment of your choice. 

  1. Ivanna Maliy, 29,200 subscribers

Ivanna Maliy is an architect who studies urbanism. On her channel, she shares videos about urbanism and architecture in Ukrainian. She explores how we will rebuild Ukraine and live in comfortable and safe cities. Some of her latest videos: “How to make Kyiv cooler” (it was still August), “Why does Lviv need a pedestrian centre and why does Kyiv need one too?”, “What’s wrong with the left bank of the capital?”, “Why is motorization harmful?”, “What’s wrong with gated residential complexes?”, “How to create a comfortable urban square?” You can find these and many other videos on the channel. 

  1. UAmetaldetecting - coin and war cop, 75,000 subscribers 

This channel is about searching for coins, treasures, military artefacts with metal detectors in Ukraine. Every week, you can watch new videos from real-life hikes with successful finds. The Cherkasky Kopach channel has a similar concept (30,000 subscribers). 

We refrain from making judgments about the legality of this activity. If the creators of the channel encounter issues related to it, we will, at a minimum, bring it to the attention of the relevant authorities. 

  1. ScienceUA, 21,500 subscribers

This channel promotes science. It provides accessible, high-quality, and interesting information. Another channel on the same topic that we would like to recommend is Naukpopil (3,700 subscribers)

The videos present notes by science promoter Olha Maslova. 

  1. Yaryna Paslavska, 55,000 subscribers

On her channel, journalist Yaryna Paslavska brings up subjects that capture the interest and address the worries of numerous Ukrainians. In particular, the last three videos were devoted to Crimea: the myths about the peninsula imposed and disseminated by the russians, what sights to visit after de-occupation, and an explanatory study of the indigenous peoples of Crimea. 


The host of the first channel in this list is pictured in the post’s screenshot.


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