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Did the cover of the Polish weekly magazine Wprost really portray the Pope atop a russian tank?

Lately, an array of fake magazine covers has emerged on social media platforms, including a fabricated Charlie Hebdo cover featuring Volodymyr Zelenskyy, thereby sowing doubt in the minds of readers regarding the authenticity of such publications. Once more, the question surfaces: did the cover of the Polish magazine Wprost really feature the Pope atop a russian tank?


 It’s true. This information can be verified directly on the magazine’s website. The cover for the 36th issue of this weekly publication has already been released, featuring graphic artwork by Paweł Kuczyński.

 In the preview for this issue, we read the following excerpt: 

 “This Pope says what he thinks.” - Pope Francis is actively involved in numerous conflicts, but we’re not interested in them, because they’re all so far away. - Father Jacek Prusak, a theologian, psychotherapist, publicist, and doctor of psychology, comments on this subject during an interview with Marcin Makowski. 


 “Summon the nuncio to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” The time has come to communicate clearly to the Holy See that, irrespective of the sources, Francis’s ost-politik is both morally and politically unacceptable to us. This call to action is voiced by Tomasz P. Terlikowski, a Polish journalist, philosopher, columnist, translator, writer, and Catholic activist who holds a Doctor of Humanities degree.

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Halyna Dolynna
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