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My house stands on the edge of town –so the enemy gets me first

The Ukrainian idiom “moya khata skraiu” is commonly interpreted to convey the idea that something doesn’t concern me; it’s none of my business. However, the literal meaning of this phrase was vividly demonstrated in the Troieshchyna District of Kyiv, where it takes on the following form: “My house stands at the edge of the town - so the enemy gets me first.”


A mural featuring an armed soldier was painted on the wall of the outermost sixteen-story building in the district. It’s visible from a distance, as you approach the outskirts of the capital, where open steppes and forests extend. This soldier appears to be gazing towards the Chernihiv Region, the direction from which russian occupation forces were advancing.

The serviceman tasked with defending Kyiv from the north is Maksym Yalovtsov, known by his call sign “Rugbyist.” He started playing football at the age of 15 and was an ardent supporter of Dynamo Kyiv as well as an ultras fan. 

In response to the full-scale invasion, Maksym, along with like-minded friends, organized volunteer groups, which included numerous Dynamo fans. Right from the outset, these guys actively participated in the defense of the capital. 

On March 20, 2022, a russian airstrike hit the Retroville shopping centre in Kyiv, where Maksym and most of his teammates were stationed. The building was completely destroyed, yet Maksym acted swiftly and was the first to rush to assist his friends buried under the rubble and provide essential first aid. 

Six months after the Retroville explosion, Maksym paid tribute to all those who had perished that day. The very next day, he lost his own life behind enemy lines while engaged in a combat mission to liberate Ukrainian territory from occupation. This was a task that very few were willing to undertake. 

The mural features the words, “When your actions speak louder than your words, your glory outstrips the light.” small logo


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