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Fake info regarding comprehensive issuance of summons

We intend to debunk yet another instance of russian PSYOPS aimed at disrupting mobilization and sowing discord within our country.

Although the register of persons liable for military service has been established and activated, it remains closed and doesn’t facilitate a comprehensive issuance of summons. 

Yet another russian PSYOPS aimed at disrupting mobilization and sowing internal discord within our country is being propagated on Facebook. 

 In fact, the “Official” page prominently displays the Ukrainian coat of arms in its avatar. The claim asserts that “in the coming days, all men aged 18 to 60 in the register of persons liable for military service will receive a summons!” The post urges individuals to verify whether they or their relatives are included in the database by following a provided link.


The post's text: the new electronic register of persons liable for military service is already operational in Ukraine. In the coming days, all men between the ages of 18 and 60 who are in the database will receive a summons! To check if you or your relatives are in the database, click HERE. 


Approximately a thousand people have liked the post, with 115 shares and several hundred comments, mostly expressing sentiments such as “MPs and their children should be the first to go!!!”; “I hope the Verkhovna Rada will also receive a summons”; and “Mothers! Take a stand! Come out on the streets of every town and village to protect your children”. 

Most commenters appear to be typical bots or individuals with closed or vacant accounts, including some russians. However, there are also some gullible Ukrainians who have fallen victim to the misinformation.

 All the information is false and constitutes fraud. The deceptive scheme aims to attract as many people as possible to questionable Telegram channels. While the register of those liable for military service is indeed operational, it’s closed and doesn’t facilitate the issuance of summons. 


Nothing terrible will happen if you click on the provided link leading to the “Official Ukraine” Telegram channel, which contains only one post - an invitation from President Zelenskyy himself to join the “closed official channel of Ukraine.” Urgency is emphasized by stating that “the invitation is valid for a limited time only.”

Oddly enough, this time, clicking on the link won’t result in anything unusual, except for revealing the information you provided on Telegram. You’ll simply be re-directed to another Telegram channel, “Infofakt Ukraine - the official channel of Ukraine”, with access granted only upon administrator approval. 

 It goes without saying that there’s no official Telegram channel in Ukraine, as all Ukrainian authorities have their own websites on the domain. 

Verified social media pages exist for the President, the Verkhovna Rada, and other agencies, but we don’t recommend them as reliable sources. Just remember the cases of fake news repeatedly being spread on the Facebook page of the Parliament:

However, even these accounts have nothing to do with the private Telegram channels mentioned above.

 The Facebook page “Official” was created on September 13, 2022, with currently 12,000 followers and a lone post spreading fake news about mobilization.

 We haven’t received any confirmation from the administrators about joining the Telegram channel “Infofakt Ukraine - the official channel of Ukraine”. Instead, a dead trash website with the same name and logo was discovered, with an update dated 2021. Interestingly, it features a separate online casino advertising section and the information was posted there just one month ago.

 The Law of Ukraine on the Unified State Register of conscripts, persons liable for military service and reservists, known as Oberih, was adopted in 2017. Although the Register was formally launched on March 28, 2022, the system is not fully operational. 

Most individuals liable for military service are in the register, with final operational steps planned soon. However, it remains unclear whether summons will be issued electronically, as there are no plans to do so through the Diia system. 

Conscripts, persons liable for military service, and reservists can verify their inclusion or non-inclusion in the Register and review their information in the Register through personal appeals and written requests via the Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services.

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