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11 million for drones or Eurovision? Manipulation around the costs of a singing contest

The national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 has caused a great deal of controversy among citizens. Almost UAH 11 million was spent on organising the event, and this has angered Ukrainians, who believe that this amount could have been used more efficiently, in particular, to purchase drones or other urgent needs during the war. Let's find out what's going on and whether such statements are manipulation.

Nearly 11 million was allocated for the Eurovision 2024 national selection, sparking debate among Ukrainians. Some question the use of funds for Eurovision, proposing alternative purchases — like drones — for this amount. Others argue the expenditure is warranted. 

The National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine allocated approximately UAH 11 million (10,999,811.46) for the final concert of the National Selection for Eurovision 2024, with 1+1 production winning the tender. Details of the expenditure can be found on Prozzoro.

The Muzvar publication reported information from two independent sources that none of the jury, hosts and guest artists had received fees for their appearances. The participants of the show, after signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), cannot disclose any information yet. 

Zoriana Byndas, creative producer of Suspilne (Public Service Broadcasting), posted the following:

“Can Eurovision be measured by drones? The world is organized in a little more complicated way than it may seem. And the impact of Ukraine’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest on our army is much more tangible than the purchase of 11 million drones. This can be converted into billions of dollars of support.” 

Ukraine is often compared to Romania, which, due to lack of funds, decided not to participate in this year’s contest. 

Yaroslav Yurchyshyn explained the difference between the two countries in a comment to hromadske:

“We’re often compared to Romania, but neither Romania nor the other countries that don’t participate need to be constantly in the public eye. European countries have now become the largest suppliers of weapons and resources to Ukraine. Is this connected? It’s definitely related. Because when deciding whether to support Ukraine, European governments will look to the opinions voiced by their citizens.”

Some users are convinced that sponsors foot the bill, but, in fact, the funding originates from the state budget, with a total allocation of UAH 1 billion 850 million for Suspilne in 2024, falling short of the planned UAH 6.4 billion. Read more about it here.

Some people are dissatisfied with the victory of Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil and claim that UAH 11 million will be allocated for the winners’ trip. However, the allocated funds have already been designated for the final concert.

While many Ukrainians question the spending, others recognize the opportunities Eurovision 2024 presents for the country small logo

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