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Explosives found in Kyiv region: how to protect your health?

Explosive devices that can detonate from the slightest movement have been found in the Kyiv region. Police are urging people not to touch suspicious objects and to report them immediately to 101.

Explosive items that can detonate at the slightest movement have been found in the Kyiv Region! Do not approach or touch them. If you find anything suspicious, call 101. Warn your family, especially children.

What’s this all about? 

Since early this morning, worried parents have been sending warnings on school Viber chats about ammunition scattered in Vasylkiv, Hlevakha, and other settlements in the Kyiv Region. This reportedly happened after a Russian attack with an X-101 missile carrying a cluster warhead. 

“Do not touch! Do not approach! They explode when you move them!” warn messages highlighting the danger.

Later, the news of this threat spread through numerous Telegram channels. Initially, as there was no official confirmation, it remained a rumor.

Recently, the police in the Kyiv region confirmed the danger. 

“After another shelling by the Russian Federation, law enforcement officers found fragments of dangerous cluster munitions in the region. These explosive devices pose a threat to human life and health and can detonate at the slightest movement. It is strictly forbidden to touch or move the object!” the police warned

They also advised avoiding the site of the shelling and immediately informing the relevant services if suspicious objects are found.

Photographs published by the police show the same objects that were previously circulated in Viber chats, Telegram channels, and other social media.

While the information turned out to be true, we still strongly advise you to listen to official reports. For example, the police report does not specify the type of missile or name specific locations where explosive items can be found small logo

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