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Rashists spread fake story about the capture of a Ukrainian servicewoman

They announced that they had captured a Ukrainian artillery fighter Marharyta Rivchachenko. But, this is a lie

Rashists have created a telegram channel where they boast about their war crimes. The texts are blatant manifestations of Nazism and even sadism. They actually gloat over photos that allegedly depict Ukrainian wounded soldiers, as well as videos of their interrogations and torture.

In one of their recent posts, they reported that they had captured Ukrainian artillery officer Marharyta Rivchachenko.

“Our guys recorded an 8-minute interrogation video; the footage is brutal, but she got what she deserved,” they write and add a link.

We couldn’t open the link, because a bot replied “that there was a huge amount of traffic, and we were unable to process your application.” However, Marharyta Rivchachenko denied this information.

“Listen, people, this is a russian psyop. In case you haven’t realized it yet…” she wrote. She also confirmed that this was a fake story in a comment on Behind the News.

However, a subscriber managed to open the video. He reported that, instead of an interrogation, he saw a clickbait ad for some dietary supplement. That’s the kind of perverted sense of humour the rashists have.

We won’t indicate the name of this channel, because even out of curiosity, you wouldn’t want to see the horrid stories they enjoy so muchsmall logo

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