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Telegram scammers impersonate the French humanitarian organization ACTED, which aids internally displaced Ukrainians

These scammers have surfaced online, using a fake Telegram chatbot that falsely represents ACTED. ACTED does provide assistance to internally displaced Ukrainians, but has nothing to do with this chatbot. Moreover, it does not engage in any form of assistance through Telegram. Be careful and don’t fall for this deceptive scheme.


Scammers again! Readers complain about a fake Telegram chatbot that is posing as the French humanitarian organization ACTED, which aids internally displaced Ukrainians. These scammers promise to give them 5700 hryvnias.

Be wary! ACTED has nothing to do with this chatbot. It does provide assistance but NOT through Telegram. 


Scammers are trying to fool you and get your PIN or CVV (the three digits on the back of a bank card).

Never give them to anyone! 

Not even to a bank employee.

They provide access to your bank account. 



This is not just a fake scheme; it’s a recurring one. In March 2023, scammers had already duped unsuspecting Ukrainians using a similar scheme.

The basic idea is to manipulate potential victims into divulging their PIN code or CVV code (the three digits on the back of a bank card). They claim it’s required for transferring money to your account, but in reality, these codes provide access to your bank account. Never give them to anyone! Not even a bank employee.

Previously, the organization itself warned people about a fake Telegram channel offering to register for financial aid:

“Acted Ukraine officially informs that during our operations, interactions, and communications with our employees, we NEVER request the PIN code or CVV code of your bank card. 

If you’re asked to provide this information, these are scammers!”

This tactic is also used by other scammers with varying pretexts. To ensure you’re well-prepared for any contingency, we’ll explain how it works.

So, to get the promised 5,700 hryvnias, scammers propose a simple process – just a few clicks in Telegram. Initially, you need to specify whether you’ve received financial assistance from such an organization previously. Then, you select your age, social status, and a preferred bank.

Subsequently, you follow an external link to complete a brief request form. Among other things, you’re asked to provide… your bank card number and CVV code.

Got it? This is the crux of the fraudulent scheme. Everything else serves as a smokescreen to divert your attention and create an illusion of authenticity.

To get real assistance from Acted, you need to go through an extensive registration process on their website. In the application, you’re required to provide your passport details, identification code, children’s birth certificates, and the details of your Oschadbank bank card.

The bank details include the bank’s name, MFO, EDRPOU code (ZKPO), ITN (individual tax number), current account number, SWIFT code, and IBAN number. But, not your PIN code or CVV code.

As a matter of fact, the actual one-time payment per person from Acted totals 2,200 hryvnias, not the 5,700 hryvnias promised by the scammers  small logo

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