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Robert Kennedy Jr. claims DNA samples from Chinese and Russians are allegedly being collected in Ukraine

Even a conspiracy theorist needs to maintain his reputation, and U.S. presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. seems to be doing just that. Recently, he spread another conspiracy theory, suggesting that bio-laboratories in Ukraine were collecting DNA samples from Chinese and russians. His claims are actively being propagated by russian propagandists. Ukrainians merely chuckled at this, but the message continues to spread on the Internet, and it has even made its way to TikTok.


What’s it all about?

During a press conference, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claimed that COVID-19 was purportedly a genetically modified biological weapon designed to be “ethnically targeted,” with Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese being the least affected.

In his monologue, which was rife with manipulation, conspiracy theories, and misinformation, he also brought up Ukraine, where he alleged that the United States ran bio-labs to collect DNA samples from Chinese and russians in order to develop bio-weapons aimed at specific ethnic groups.

Simultaneously, the politician cited statements made by U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.

The Truth

Robert Kennedy Jr.’s actions were met with swift condemnation from Western media, who accused him of spreading “false and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories” and promoting anti-Semitic myths and racial hatred. Even his own family members joined in criticizing him for disseminating misinformation.

Regarding the politician’s claim about Victoria Nuland, it was found to be false; her words were taken out of context. When asked about the presence of biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine, Nuland clarified that the country does have research facilities with biological materials that could potentially reach russia. Furthermore, she emphasized that if any dangerous incident involving biological or chemical materials were to occur in Ukraine, russia would be held responsible for it.

After Nuland made her statements on the topic, the State Department clarified that Nuland was referring to Ukrainian diagnostic and bio-defense laboratories, which are distinct from biological weapons facilities. Additionally, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine stated that there are no “American laboratories” on Ukrainian territory, and the existing laboratories are solely intended for detecting pathogens of infectious diseases.

This is not the first instance in which Robert Kennedy Jr. has propagated unproven conspiracy theories, some of which align with the interests of russian propagandists. In 2021, he asserted that 30% of the population would die after receiving the coronavirus vaccine. 

During 2021-2022, both Facebook and Instagram took action to block Robert Kennedy Jr.’s pages multiple times due to his continuous spread of misinformation about COVID-19. However, since April, he has been running as one of the candidates for the 2024 presidential elections, leading Instagram to reopen access to his personal account  small logo

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