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Russian propagandists fabricate a news story in the name of a Ukrainian TV channel

We first heard this fake news last week when we analyzed russian propaganda on state-owned russian TV channels. At that time, the Soloviev Live program featured a video claiming that Ukrainian environmentalists were proposing to “inter soldiers in special biodegradable capsule bags in order to enrich the soil.” The voiceover stated, “In the future, we may witness the transformation of burial sites into squares, parks, and even farmland.” We decided not to address this nonsense as russian propagandists are notorious for spreading rubbish. Moreover, it’s our policy not refute fakes that don’t appear in the Ukrainian information sphere.



However, within a matter of days, this fake narrative infiltrated Ukrainian social media channels, albeit primarily through automated accounts (bots), notably on the Ulydyd and Ifykyk online shopping pages, and even in Ukrainian. More concerning is the fact that some Ukrainians began sharing this fake news. Consequently, we’re working in a proactive manner to address this issue.

 The fake news makers claim that Ukrainian environmentalists made this announcement on the United News program of the 1+1 TV channel on September 14. 

 However, we found no evidence of such a story. We examined the program’s archives and conducted keyword searches on Google, all of which yielded no results. Similarly, we couldn’t locate any articles or posts where Ukrainian environmentalists discussed this proposal. 

Instead, all our inquiries directed us to russian sources, including russian trash websites, russian Telegram channels, russian information websites, and russian TV news broadcasts.


 The presence of russian subtitles serves as another indicator that this video is fabricated. Ukrainian news sources do not feature russian subtitles. In addition, the quality of the voiceover is extremely poor and is quite jarring to the listener, suggesting that the video was assembled in an amateur way.

In addition, we analyzed several dozen accounts that had commented on and shared the fake video. A significant portion of these individuals appear to be bots. Identifying features of these accounts include empty or private profiles, fake avatars, a lack of original content, and posts that, while masked as expressions of Ukrainian patriotism, actually contain russian narratives.

In particular, some of these accounts aim to exaggerate Ukrainian military losses in order to demoralize the armed forces and retard mobilization in Ukraine. In fact, this is also the objective of the fake concerning the  environmentalists’ alleged statement.

This post is our reply to the request of our reader Olena Perekhrestiuk. Please send us any dubious information for verification. Your topic may be featured in one of our next articles  small logo

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